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Walking Around a French Town

It starts where I'm walking around a French town, something like Carcassonne due to its narrow winding roads. Suddenly this girl was showing me around various cafés, until she lead me through this long dark passageway. When I got to the other end, something seemed really ominous like a tension that weighed heavily in the air. It was now night time and off to my right I saw all these people gathered on a shore of a large bay that overlooked two bridges: one similar to the Golden Gate, the other one akin to the metro-bridge that links Jersey to New York. The pressure in the air became greater and seemed to press down upon me. As I watched the bridges, illuminated by thousands of tiny lights, the bridge with the metro made a weird and disconcerting noise and all the cars stopped, the lights, colored turquoise and pink, went off one by one, like a menacing snake slowly dying. Next thing I knew it seemed like the electricity of the entire planet was shut off. There was violent honking to be heard on the car bridge and moans and gasps were emitted from the mouths of the people standing around me. I started worrying about my parents who were possibly on the metro, and I feared for their lives, for a feeling of impending death and doom creeped over me. A guy in a big accomodating rowboat motioned me over to him and told me to get in. He and all the other people that were waiting in boats set off across the bay and headed left to a huge warehouse which protected a docking area. We were escorted out of our boats by some military officials who walked us down a dock. As we walked along I fearfully observed these giant submarines that were lined up. They were old, threatening and and loomed over me like a nighmarish fate. Their gray metal was very used and dirty and they were obviously leftover from the cold war because they were branded with the Russian symbol for communism or the American flag. That alone seem to evoke some kind of horror for me. An official explained to us that we were to be living on these submarines indefintely due to some kind of apocalyptic hell that was about to take place on earth. Suddenly we were quickly ushered in to a rather large submarine right in front of us. I walk up metal grill-like steps that are painted a bright yellow. There were all sorts of obstacles. I had to climb over a rail, crawl against a wall. Meanwhile I saw Meagan, my friend from middle school who I haven't seen in years, in front of me, and behind me was Laure-anne from Poitiers. All of us feared the worst, and my heart was gripped with fear...



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